Sponsored Video: Surf’s Up with Mercedes-Benz

While the winter season may be a gloomy, bone-chilling time in the city, with merely a surfboard, a wetsuit, and a vehicle from Mercedes-Benz‘s new E-Class range, such as this winsome station wagon, an endless summer isn’t only doable, it’s essential.

In this short film, four actual friends — lovebirds Mikey DeTemple and Lisa Myers (a sunbleached blonde with a penchant for Chanel and Isabel Marant), as well as Trip Patterson (he with the bro fro), and Lisa Ferrandino — take the time-honored road trip from the heart of Manhattan out to Montauk, the easternmost tip of Long Island, for a day zigzagging the waves. They’re the rarest of rare breeds: New York City surfers.

To the soundtrack “Garden Grays” (not to be confused with Grey Gardens) by the synth-rock trio Wildcat! Wildcat!, director Aaron Platt — himself a pro surfer, filmmaker, and native New Yorker — recreated the trip he’s taken many times. Watch as Trip, surfboard in tow, takes the subway to meet Mikey and the two driving out to Montauk to meet up with the Lisas. What follows are pretty killer aerial and underwater views of the foursome in action, splicing and dicing across the water with their retro-style longboards. And what would a wintry day at the beach be without a bonfire and good cheer?…

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