Would You Give an Oscar to James Franco for Spring Breakers?

In the week that straddles this year and next, as you cause and recover from yet another monumental hangover, Hollywood will be deep in the throes of voting for its Oscar nominations. You may take for granted that the nominees have already been decided by the time you settle in to make fun of another Academy Awards broadcast in March, but the studios, producers, and distributors don’t. Each one is hard at work campaigning Academy members, currying their favor for as many noms as they can get.

That’s where this video comes in. It’s a one-minute, superlative-heavy clip created by the distributor of Spring Breakers — Harmony Korine’s filmic ode to gun-wielding, ski mask-wearing, sociopathic blondes — aimed at scoring a Best Supporting nod for James Franco as Alien, the gold-toothed, corn-rowed ringleader. But before you go guffawing and dredging up that Riff Raff controversy, remember that Franco has won an Oscar before, for 127 Hours. Besides, it would make his grandma very happy.

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