It Was Only a Matter of Time Before Thom Browne’s Theatrical Collections Wound Up in a Theater

In a first for him, Thom Browne is dressing the cast of a theater production, off-off-Broadway though it may be. The performance, Queen of the Night, is said to be fanciful, circus-like, supper-club fare. Opening on New Year’s Eve, it’ll inaugurate the Aby Rosen-restored Diamond Horseshoe space, the fabled 1940s cabaret in the Paramount Hotel that hasn’t seen much action in recent decades aside from a Warhol gathering after his death in the 80s.

According to WWD, Queen of the Night will incorporate music, dance, and magic — the sorts of things one associates with Thom Browne’s stage-worthy collections. “They add dimension to the label,” he says. “I love my shows and they will always be around. I wouldn’t be in fashion if I couldn’t do them.”

The idea for Queen of the Night comes from Sleep No More’s Randy Weiner and collaborators Simon Hammerstein and Murtaza Akbar. They’ve also hired Giovanna Battaglia as stylist and Bergdorf Goodman window dresser Douglas Little as set designer. 

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