The Mudd Club as Scented Candle — It’s Real

Sure, notes of rose, amber, saffron, vetiver, and patchouli smell great in a scented candle. But if you’re trying to recreate the rarefied aroma of the Mudd Club, the grittiest of underground anti-disco punk clubs in late 70s New York (and name-checked in songs by the Talking Heads and the Ramones), you’ll need a little more. You’ll need to slum it up!

Enter MiN, New York-based connoisseurs of concept scents. They’re latest concoction, MUDD CLUB, combines those lovely ambrosial fragrances with seedier scents: sweat, tobacco, leather, Sharpies, and spray paint — all housed in a pot of bone china hand-gilded in platinum, of course.

$195 at MiN

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