Karl Lagerfeld Is Coming to America with Another Chanel Biopic

Karl Lagerfeld is hardly giving up on filmmaking. In fact, his Chanel mini-biopics are getting longer and he’s now shooting in color. Here’s a teaser for The Return, his directorial account of Coco Chanel’s last great comeback, in the 1950s. She was 71 and drawn out of semi-retirement by her loathing of Christian Dior’s ultra-feminine New Look.

The teaser shows Rupert Everett, who plays an American journalist, praising the actress Géraldine Chaplin in the role of Chanel. Others in Mademoiselle’s orbit at the time are, as usual, played by a motley mix of models and muses in Lagerfeld’s own orbit. Lady Amanda Harlech takes on Bettina Ballard, fashion editor of American Vogue; model Heidi Mount portrays Marlene Dietrich; and hair stylist Sam McKnight is Chanel’s butler, Francois.

The full 30-minute film will be shown at the designer’s Métiers d’Art collection in Dallas, Texas, on December 10 and on Chanel.com.

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