Hood By Air and a Pop-Up Casino

Hood By Air is a little like the dark matter of fashion. It’s unknowable, immeasurable, and passes undetected through all other matter. Some have defined the Brooklyn-based label as streetwear, others as hip hop, and still others as retro logomania. Expressed through collaborations, it changes all the time and defies description, just as designer Shayne Oliver wants it.

Reinforcing this mysteriousness, Hood By Air has outfitted the bartenders and staffers at a pop-up casino at W Hotel this weekend. Conceived by set designer and fashion illusionist Desi Santiago, Casino Diabolique resembles an actual casino, with many of the same games, but with a dark occult tinge (think Criss Angel, but without the cheese — hopefully). As you have your future read in tarot cards and play a game called the Zodiac Wheel, remember to peek at the staffers’ uniforms as they may also be in your future.

Casino Diabolique, W Hotel, 541 Lexington Avenue, through November 17

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