Keeping Up With the Karlisms

Last night Karl Lagerfeld gave what was probably his longest interview in years. When Jessica Chastain is asking the questions, how can you say no? The two spoke at length, and candidly, in a fundraiser to benefit Lincoln Center, including the actress’s alma mater, the Juilliard School. While he was noticeably gracious in his answers, Karl did still pack a couple of small punches — or as we call them, Karlisms. Here’s the best, on the subject of red carpets…

Jessica Chastain: What do you think of the red carpet?
Karl Lagerfeld: It is a little too much sometimes. Especially when you see all those mermaids and fishtail gowns going in to see movies about poor girls in Eastern Europe. There’s something a little shocking about it.

JC: Do you feel pressure about who’s wearing your dresses?
KL: No, no. Maybe some designers do, but if I can say something pretentious, I’m afraid I’m beyond that. And Chanel and Fendi are fashion. The typical cartoon of the red carpet, that’s not fashion. It’s always the same typical silhouette. But the red carpet, it’s something that exists. For some people, the photo call is part of their daily lives.

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