A Hilarious Tumblr Takedown of Marina Abramović

Someone has most definitely not been charmed by Marina Abramović and her high-priestess, goddess-mother ways. But instead of lashing out in a tiresome tirade, he or she is taking the performance artist to task with The Marina Abramović Retirement Fund of America (or M.A.R.F.A.). The clearly satirical Tumblr poses as a citizens action group with the mission to stop further artworks.

With punchy wit and verve, the Tumblr’s creator has posted fake announcements of Abramović’s future projects. In one, she’s said to have “partnered with the United States Department of Corrections to launch the Abramović Institute for Sullen, Wayward, And Curiously Fucked-Up Teens Beyond All Traditional Methods Of Help (AISWCFTBATMH).” Another states that “Marina Abramović plans to eat onions for 36 hours in front of a Chipotle Mexican Grill franchise in a to-be-determined Midwestern city. Your generous donations to M.A.R.F.A. will work to undermine this nefarious performance.”

It isn’t all spoof and satire. It looks as if any donations made will actually go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of America, in memory of Peter Indrisek, an artist who died of the blood cancer in 2009.

Something tells us Abramović would find this as rib-tickling as we do. Want more lampooning of self-important quasi-celebrities? This Brant brothers parody is also comedic gold.

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