A Vogue Non-Controversy Involving Lena Dunham

Anna Wintour wants Lena Dunham to appear in Vogue and is courting her with a “top secret” dinner. That’s according to Radar, which quotes a source at the magazine as saying, “Anna is trying to seduce Lena into bringing her next-generation audience into the Vogue brand. And she’s willing to violate a lot of Vogue traditions to do it, including putting her on the cover even though she doesn’t really conform to the body type that Vogue has featured for most of its history.” Adele being the only recent exception.

Now, honestly, are we to believe Lena would turn down a Vogue story, which would likely be a glowing and sincere interview? Or refuse a cover? It isn’t as if the mediagenic Girls creator, with nary a rebellious bone in her body, has been cultivating a contrarian voice, as is the hype. She’s already the new Sarah Jessica Parker, who, in comparison, seems subversive all over again. Only if Wintour is demanding weight loss, as she is wont to do (as with a former editor, a designer sister, a pop darling), can we see a potential hiccup.

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