Did Marc Jacobs Smurf a Smurf?

At least one person has taken Marc Jacobs and Harry Louis’ split very hard, but not because he’s sad for the mediagenic former couple. Italian illustrator and satirist Alexsandro Palombo, creator of the Humor Chic blog, claims his Smurf character based on the designer — bearded, tattooed, and toting a Louis Vuitton suitcase — has been used without his permission.

“The very last night between Marc Jacobs and his boyfriend Harry Louis before the breakup,” says Alexsandro, “Marc Jacobs is wearing pajamas printed [with] Fashion Smurfs … unaware that he is both being photographed and wearing an unauthorized print.” Furthermore, Alexsandro says his illustration of Anna Wintour, the one worn by Harry in that infamous cracked-glass selfie, is also unauthorized. 

Alexsandro says he’s investigating the origin of the “fake” designs (apparently unaware that his own use of the Smurfs cartoon appears to be trademark infringement). The theory is a Brazilian friend of Harry’s has been appropriating the designs and marketing the shirts, leaving Marc in the clear. Now who’s smurfing the Smurf? That said, Marc, if you’re reading this and like your Smurf figure, Alexsandro would be happy to collaborate with you.

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