Money Where Your Mouse Is: Jean Paul Gaultier Vintage

Here’s your chance to score mint-condition Jean Paul Gaultier from the time he earned his enfant terrible moniker. We’re talking the 80s and early 90s, when he scandalously transposed gender, ethnic, and class-based dress codes. The East London store House of Liza, specialists in late 20th-century obscure vintage, is currently hosting an archive sale featuring some of the most iconic pieces ever designed by the provocateur of Paris.

Roughly 50 women’s and men’s items are on sale now, starting with his first men’s collection, “L’homme-Object” (spring 1984), through his “Le grande voyage” women’s collection of fall 1994. Highlights include sequined knits from his Russian Constructivist-inspired 1986 collection to the infamous cone-bra knit dress from the “Le Charme coincé de la Bourgeoisie” collection of 1985.

Deals can be found, but don’t think they don’t know what their modern masterpieces are worth. The cone-bra dress, for example, will set you back over $14,000.

Visit House of Liza and its Jean Paul Gaultier Vault Sale (women’s, men’s)

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