The Future Looks Bright: Ohne Titel Spring 2014

As designers Alexa Adams and Flora Gill continue to develop their signature knitwear, we may one day look back at these early collections as the birth of the Chanel jacket of the 21st century. The designers continually push the boundaries of textile technology, though for spring, that technical expression was executed in a challenging combination of tan, black and sherbet pinks and oranges.

Overall the looks were sporty and slightly futuristic, perfect for day, if a bit heavy for the “joyful spring” that inspired the designers. Sheer panels and perforated materials made an obligatory appearance, and felt in step with the rest of the collection. The final looks in embroidered organza looked like birds of paradise as they flew by — the slightly ’80s colors reading like tropical works of abstraction. It was a bit of a departure from the brand’s DNA, and it worked. 

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