Fashion Week Checklist

So you’ve planned your calendar and picked up your dry cleaning. But, are you reeaalllly ready for Fashion Week? Even if you’ve been to the rodeo a thousand times, a few well-considered details can make or break a season. Here’s our last-minute list of things you may not have realized you definitely can’t live without…

Bike to Basics
While the company-paid town car used to be the ultimate editorial status symbol, idling motors are so passé. Uber is good for getting to a far-flung venue, but the car-calling app can’t be counted on for multiple stops. Say goodbye to traffic altogether and join the Citibike program. Zip up the Hudson River Greenway and you’ll get from Milk Studios to Lincoln Center cheaper than a cab and faster than the subway.

Exit Strategy
When the party goes too long, or that recent grad keeps asking you to contribute to her blog, be prepared with an exit strategy. Mention an after-party for some obscure art magazine, an off-off-calendar collection or a meeting with an high-powered editor. On the flip side, a fabulous event works wonders as an alibi when everyone just needs to know why you weren’t at the show of the season.

Waxing Off
It always helps to be well prepared, but schedule your leg wax a few days too early and you’ll be scratching your seatmate’s. Faux fur may have hit recent runways, but no one wants to sit with Sasquatch. Depilate accordingly.

Mercy Killing
Whether it’s the vitamin B or just the placebo effect, the anti-hangover concoction Mercy has never left us down. When you’re left with just a few hours between the after-party and your morning call time, swig a couple of these and you’ll still. Forgiven is another one of these “alcohol recovery shots.” Whatever you choose, you have to kill the hangover before it kills you.

Rain Vain
If the calendar calls for rain, remember that this is not Glastonbury and you are not Kate Moss. Leave the wellies at home and opt for rain-proof shoes, as in rubber, like Melissa shoes from Brazil, or brogues with galoshes. Heck, even some shoes that are already on their way out — just say no to rain boots.

Smile and Nod
So you made it backstage and the designer wants to know what you think, but you basically snoozed through the whole thing. If you don’t have anything nice to say, it doesn’t mean you should say nothing at all. Have a few kind, if vague, words prepared to keep things cordial. Cliche though it may be, a few automatic superlatives can be your best friend: “Fantastic!” “Beyond!” “Incroyable!” Save the real talk for Twitter — and even there, caution!

Bag Lady
While it’s not cool to get excited about show swag, who are we kidding? Free stuff rules. Bring a big enough bag and you can stash your new favorite free nail polish with a few shows’ worth of Duane Reade snacks, water bottles and mini Moroccan oil to keep you in business for the rest of the week without looking like a hoarder.

In Other Words
While shows can start an hour late, don’t rely on your phone to keep you busy, as some show venues have no signal — gads! Don an intellectual look by opting for a book as you kill time. Models think the classics are sexy, but you should choose a title that says something about yourself — because, during Fashion Week, who doesn’t judge a book by its cover?

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