Guess Who Louis Vuitton’s 6 Greatest Muses of All Time Are

Louis Vuitton has launched Timeless Muses, an exhibit in Tokyo of just that, its six greatest muses since the house’s founding in 1854, chosen for their “audacity and a sense of freedom.” Think you know who they are? If you guessed Kate Moss, Sofia Coppola, and Catherine Deneuve…ding ding ding, you’re right! The other three are a lot harder, unless you knew that the 19th-century empress Eugénie de Montijo, the architect Charlotte Perriand, and French novelist Françoise Sagan were diehard fans of LV luggage and bags.

Personal items from each muse are on display in a high-tech setting in the recently refurbished Tokyo Station Hotel. These include Deneuve’s leather jewelry box, books on which Sagan had handwritten, and two Marc Quinn sculptures of Moss. At the start of the exhibit — which opened today and lasts through September 23 — visitors are given monogrammed masks that, using white screen technology, reveal video footage on blank monitors, thus creating a masked ball-like atmosphere.

Fiona Apple, however, probably won’t be a muse for the house anytime soon, at least judging from her bizarre performance at the launch party a few nights ago. Annoyed by the loudness of the chatty crowd, she got halfway through her set before leaving the piano in a huff, saying, “Predictable, predictable fashion. What the fuck?”

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