Dior Homme Photos Even Robert Pattinson’s Fans Will Like

It turns out that single teaser image of Robert Pattinson that Dior released on its Twitter a little while ago was just the beginning. The entire fall campaign for Dior Homme Fragrance has now been released — and it has shows a lot more range than the British actor’s young fans are probably used to.

Shot by Nan Goldin — whose intimate, behind-closed-doors style of portraiture predates all current practitioners of point-and-click T&A — the campaign combines black-and-white and color imagery, conveying a sense of indulgent, ephemeral young love. It’s classic Nan Goldin, who, incidentally, told The Guardian, “This Dior campaign right now, where the girl is really dope-sick then she sprays Addiction perfume and suddenly she’s high. I find that really reprehensible and evil.” But that was a whole decade and designer ago.

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