Prada’s Giant Woman Mural Gets a Touch Up

Watch a time-lapse video of Spanish artist Santi Moix paint friendly aliens, sea creatures, and scenes of old Europe, among other things, on the giant wall stretching from Broadway to Mercer inside the Prada epicenter in Soho, New York. The site-specific work, designed by New York design firm 2×4, incorporates the store’s existing mural of a 200-foot-long reclining woman, spanning the length of the wall. Twenty such large-scale wallpaper installations have graced the space since the flagship opened in 2001, as envisioned by Rem Koolhaas.

“The idea was to try to create a kind of tattoo for the reclining giant,” says Santi Moix. “I approached the light and dark parts of the body as different kinds of landscapes. Chiaroscuro. Where there was darkness I tried I bring life and light. On her hair I created a wild sea. Parts of her body were like traveling over a great desert. Her hands and fingers — where I began — and her feet and toes — where I ended — were celebrations of beginnings and endings, of freedom.”

Prada, 575 Broadway, NYC, on view through August 31, 2013

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