Givenchy’s Pain at the Plump

Pulchritude and pain often go hand in hand. Givenchy knows this, thus they bring you an abrasive lip scrub and soothing lip balm. The latest in the house’s cultish Le Soin Noir (Black Care) line of black algae-infused products, the glamour goo means business. First up in the two-part application process, an army of abrasive micro-grains go at your lips with the exfoliating force of a desert dune. Next up, that black algae injects concentrated sea plumpness into your dazed smackers. Two in one, yin and yang — think of it as slap and tickle for your lips.

Le Soin Noir lip scrub and balm, $105 at select Givenchy and Sephora stores

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