Hint Tip: See as Many of These Russ Meyers Sexploitation Classics on the Big Screen as You Can

On its calendar of events, Anthology Film Archives correctly says, “The name Russ Meyer evokes two things, and you know what they are.” Indeed, the shamelessly, fantastically lecherous 1960s film director was all about breasts, big breasts, the bigger the better, attached to Amazon women who looked like dominatrixes, but exaggerated, and who perhaps moonlighted as such.

In camped-up, sexploitation B-movie roles that would make John Waters blush and feminists recoil in horror, these actresses captivated and titillated audiences as they hunted down, tortured, and otherwise terrified their male counterparts. For these reasons and more, Anthology’s mini-festival of Russ Meyers films — The Glandscape Artist — is a must. It’s not often his larger-than-life women return to the big screen…

Wild Gals of the Naked West (1962)
Thu, Aug 15, 7:15 pm
Thu, Aug 22, 9:15 pm
Sun, Aug 25, 5:15 pm

Motor Psycho (1965)
Thu, Aug 15, 8:45 pm
Sun, Aug 18, 7:30 pm
Sat, Aug 24, 5:15 pm

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1966)
Fri, Aug 16, 7:30 pm
Sun, Aug 18, 9:15 pm
Sat, Aug 24, 9:30 pm

Mudhoney (1965)
Fri, Aug 16, 9:30 pm
Mon, Aug 19, 7:15 pm
Sun, Aug 25, 3:15 pm

Vixen! (1968)
Sat, Aug 17, 5:00 pm
Tue, Aug 20, 9:30 pm
Sun, Aug 25, 7:00 pm

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970)
Sat, Aug 17, 6:45 pm
Mon, Aug 19, 9:15 pm
Fri, Aug 23, 9:15 pm

Supervixens (1975)
Sat, Aug 17, 9:15 pm
Tue, Aug 20, 7:15 pm
Fri, Aug 23, 7:00 pm

Blacksnake (1973)
Sun, Aug 18, 5:00 pm
Thu, Aug 22, 6:45 pm
Sun, Aug 25, 8:45 pm

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