Elijah Wood Does NOT Play Frodo in the Full-Length Rodarte Video

Following the trailer last week, here is director Todd Coles’ full 12-minute fashion film — made in collaboration with Vice’s The Creators Project — featuring Rodarte’s medieval-themed spring 2013 collection. (How is it these pieces did not wind up in Sean Parker’s over-the-top wedding?)

Living up to the title, This Must Be the Only Fantasy, the video centers on a group of suburban teens in the middle of a fantasy role-playing game, a la Dungeons and Dragons, when one of them — the only girl — gets up and leaves the room. On the quiet residential street out front, she then encounters strange creatures, unexplained phenomena, portals to another time and/or place, otherworldly orbs of color, Guinevere Van Seenus in butterfly wings, Elijah Wood (who you might expect to be playing Frodo, but is not), and lots of clothes fit for a princess. Plus, as if it needs mentioning, she pets a unicorn.

Or watch it on The Creators Project website

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