Funniest Celebrity Body Parts (and a Bong) on Twitter

Remember Angelina Jolie’s dress at the Golden Globes, with a slit so high you could almost see her Versace? Her peek-a-boo leg became an instant sensation and Twitter handle (@AngiesRightLeg), garnering 41,500 followers before it was shut down. Thankfully the prankster tradition of christening celebrity body parts with a Twitter identity continues. Here are the best…

@BeyonceCutHair: Beyonce’s pixie crop
“I told Blue Ivy to put them damn scissors down. She didn’t listen…”

@HathawayNipple: Anne Hathaway’s Nipples
“Anne’s dress “spoke to her.” We spoke to the world. #Oscars”

@KimsAss: Kim Kardashian’s Ass
“Today Kim decided to go to the gym and ride the stationary bike. Lets just say, kim had to pay for the bike because I ate it for lunch”

@pippasass: Pippa Middleton’s Ass
“Did everyone see Prince Harry at the opening ceremony? #ihitthat”

@RyanGoslingsAbs: Ryan Gosling’s Abs
“Hey girl, look both ways before crossing.”

@caras_brows: Cara Delevingne’s Eyebrows
“I’m the most important in mommy’s face”

@KateUptonsMole: Kate Upton’s Mole
“Does anyone think I should have @KateUpton remove me (mole) from our face?”

@rubiksrightleg: Anja Rubik’s Leg
“Time for bed. But don’t worry, Ill still be kicking in the morning. I wouldn’t miss this SHINdig.”

@ManLikeLucas: Rihanna’s Forehead
“Raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the main reason I have trust issues”

@palinsvagina: Sarah Palin’s Vagina
“I wag the dog every night to Ryan Gosling not Assad. #syria #scandal”

@chrisfaenza: Amanda Bynes’s Bong
“i wish dreams would really come true because then i would be balls deep in @LanaDelRey, eating nutella all while watching shark week”

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