Shiseido to Millennials’ Rescue

Guess what, Millennials. Because of your city life, sleep deficit, junky diet, and social-media anxiety, your skin is distressed. You might be beyond the ravages of acne, but your skin is unable to glow the way it should at your young 20-something years.

But worry not, for Shiseido is here with skin salvation. Called Ibuki (“new breath” in Japanese), it’s centered around Shiseido’s new Shape Memorizing Cell Technology, fancy-speak for anti-sag. There are seven skincare products in all, each with PhytoResist Complex, promising to cleanse, moisturize, and soften your ailing epidermis. Basically, it resists the visible signs of partying and restores the skin to selfie-readiness.

€28-50 per product at Shiseido stores

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