Happy 21st, Karlie Kloss!

Oh, Karlie. How far you’ve come. We remember your first mention on Hint like it was only yesterday. It was actually six years ago and you were 15. We introduced you as the girl everybody is “talking and gawking” about. Later on, when you turned 18, we remember how huge a deal it was that you could finally do nudes, if you wanted, which you obviously did.

Then there was that time you canceled all your New York runway shows, followed by London and Milan. You tweeted something about a “big opportunity.” Oh, the intense speculation that caused! We assumed you needed to do important hosting stuff for the return of House of Style — what a bummer it only aired on MTV’s website.

As for that unfortunate Native American headdress you wore in a Victoria’s Secret show, well, we know that wasn’t your idea. Besides, it was ancient history by the time your triumphant Daft Punk shoot appeared in this month’s Vogue.

So here’s to many more, Karlie. You’ve accomplished so much at 21. Just think, you can legally drink now!

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