Sean Parker Weds Like Only a Dot-Commer Can

Over the years, there’ve been some pretty ridiculous weddings by rich people, nuptials involving Scottish castles, jumping out of a plane, and clearly closeted dudes (had you forgotten about Liza Minnelli’s ill-fated vows exchange of 2002?).

Here is the next level. Napster guy Sean Parker has gone and bribed — sorry, made a charitable contribution to — the state of California to walk down the aisle with singer-songwriter Alexandra Lenas. It’s estimated he spent $4.5 million of his illegal-download money on the site alone, the base of old-growth redwoods of Big Sur. That price tag does not include incidentals, like hiring Sting to serenade the happy couple. 

The wedding, in all its Renaissance Fair glory, happened a bit ago. Now, just days after reports of a Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous reboot, comes an exclusive photo gallery in the new Vanity Fair of the over-the-top union. Click here for 32 images of the wedding that you know Vanity Fair had a hard time not raking over the coals. But Parker has gone out of his way to assure everyone his Big Sur wedding was not medieval or Game of Thrones–themed — because that would be tacky — just the result of their shared love of nature.

We sorta feel sorry for Parker, who’ll have to defend the wedding for the rest of his life. But we feel more sorry for the 364 guests, the majority of whom were forced to wear Tolkien-like costumes by the actual Lord of the Rings costume designer. For instance, Olivia Munn looks like a tree frau and is holding a white rabbit. Repeat, holding a white rabbit. 

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