Vanity Fair Hands Down Its 2013 Best-Dressed List

Vanity Fair’s 74th annual International Best-Dressed List is out in the magazine’s September issue and online now. Once again it’s our/your chance to peruse the honorees and have one or more of these reflex reactions…

  • Be angry at yourself for having interest in a pedestrian list, throw trail mix at the screen, and keep reading.

  • Think Kerry Washington was probably not the best choice to top the list, but think also, with heels on, she’d be great as Michelle Obama.

  • Make an audible groan upon seeing HRH the Duchess of Cambridge and that unnerving post-maternity polka-dot smock.

  • Genuinely not believe how fantastic Carmen Dell’Orefice still looks at 82. What is that, like 60-something years of modeling?

  • Seriously, Keith Richards, seriously?

  • Wonder why Gisele and her hubby get a nod as a couple, as do Lara Stone and David Walliams, and Tabitha Simmons and Craig McDean, while Beyonce goes solo. Doesn’t Jay Z currently have something to promote?

  • Feel as if Ricky Lauren could have been a little more imaginative in her answers and a little less Lauren-centric.

  • Well hello Charlie Siem.

  • Gawk at not one, not two, but three Bryan Ferry spawn. What, was Merlin busy?

  • Contemplate the implications of China’s first lady, Peng Liyuan, popping up on a silly yet essential best-dressed list. We see future cover.

  • Believe, as strongly as last year, that designers and fashion professionals should be disqualified for reasons that are self-evident.

  • Celebrate the scarcity of party girls this year. Royals, on the other hand.

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