Video Fix: Ryan Heffington for MOCAtv

If you didn’t catch KTCHN, choreographer Ryan Heffington’s critically acclaimed “dance installation” at Mack Sennet Studios in Los Angeles earlier this year — inspired by the paintings of Australian artist Nolan Hendrickson — this video is your chance to relive the strange magic. Based on the live show and commissioned by MOCAtv, “Live Nude Dancing” is a collaboration between Heffington and photographer Daniel Teese, animator Johnny Woods, and Alex Black, who wrote and performed the original track, Greedy Boy.

A greedy boy is exactly what you get. Mostly plotless and wholly bizarre, the video loosely follows the protagonist,  — in gender-nonspecific drag — as he dances and dances and dances. In a humorous but uncomfortable exploration of the intersection between dance, art, animation, fashion, celebrity, and queer culture, it slowly becomes apparent he is seeking the ever-elusive spotlight. Colors are saturated, virtual money rains freely, jazz hands are extra jazzy, and fame is very fleeting.

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