Cameron Russell Is a Girl Not Interrupted

Cameron Russell, the 26-year-old model (Prada) and TED Talker, is serious about fostering a healthy body image among girls. But not too serious to have a laugh at tabloid culture first. A fake glossy called Interrupt — which mocks the unnuanced, attention-grabbing design of People and Us Weekly — will, says Russell, “take New York City nail salons, bodegas, and dentist offices by storm” beginning July 22.

The point of the mock tabloid is to counteract the harmful impact of the repetitive negative messaging of these magazines to girls, who, in their formative adolescence, are especially susceptible to the revenue-based insecurity projected onto them by certain media outlets. Specifically, that they don’t look good and they never will unless they buy a lot of advertised or celebrity-endorsed products.

The first printed issue of Interrupt, which launched online in March, takes existing tabloid spreads and remixes them to portray real girls who love their bodies just the way they are. The idea for the positive satire was borne out of Russell’s TED Talk, Looks Aren’t Everything, about the decade she spent modeling and her inside perspective on the image-based industry. The print edition features submissions from women found mostly through social media.

Taking the concept of remixing one step further, Interrupt will celebrate its first paper issue in a pop-up gallery, You Are a Genius,July 24 – 29 at 215 Bowery Street. With the help of Smilebooth, a mobile self-portrait studio, the space will be converted into a free photo studio where visitors to the gallery can pose for future covers or just take selfies.

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