Ursa Major Makes Face Wipes that Aren’t Gross

Face wipes are pretty gross. They’re packed with chemicals and they collect gunk from your face that you’d rather not know was there, like the good kind of parasites in your body. Then there’s that name: wipes. (The word “pad” was apparently nixed by brand marketers long ago, wisely.)

But there is hope. Based in Vermont, the men’s skincare line Ursa Major has released a high-end wipe (sorry) they call “r-o-b-u-s-t” — hyphens included. Having tried it, we can attest to the promised robustness, yet the process went down without incident. They got the job done without stripping our skin of moisture, throwing its Ph balance into disarray, or leaving a sickly filmy substance. The effect was calming, not ew-ick — probably because there are no parabens, sulfates, or synthetic fragrances. Plus they smell great, owing to their essential oils of orange, fir, and lavender.

Lastly, while Ursa Major is for men, we’re wholeheartedly endorsing it for women. Because, in addition to all its other celestial benefits, it removes makeup like a champ.

$24 for a pack of 20 at Ursa Major

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