Emporio Armani Makes €23 Diapers for Russian Babies — Discuss!

At first we thought it was a joke: an invitation from Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week to attend a discussion in September about — we can’t believe we’re repeating this — Emporio Armani diapers for Russian babies, at €23 a poop. Sorry, pop. Then we started thinking, a filthy-rich oligarch would probably think nothing of it. Anyway, who gives a crap about designer nappies (besides, of course, those Russian tots)? 

And what of this uncredited quote that randomly appears in the email? “Is diapers for €23 a provocation, or a natural next step for the fashion industry? For many years many of the big brands has sold generic t-shirts, socks and underwear using brand value to increase profits. In retail the price for a $1 t-shirt could be over $100. Is consumption items like diapers for 23€ per piece a natural next step in this trend? And if so, is this a bad thing?”

So yeah, while the diapers look real, maybe, the discussion…has to be…a hoax, an art project. Right?

(Also, we’re really hoping that one baby bending over backward in the picture, like he’s going to start demon-crawling all over the gilded palace, is ok.)

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