What Does Miranda July Want with Email?

Yes, yes, every email is special. But some are more special than others. And Miranda July — filmmaker, artist, and writer whose film Me and You and Everyone We Know is a must-queue — has collected a bunch of them from friends and acquaintances (sent to other people, not to her, and sent before the project started) for re-email to a mass audience.

In the digital project, We Think Alone, people who’ve signed up will receive a “themed compendium” of ten emails from Miranda. These will arrive every Monday from July 1 to November 11, 2013. They’re intended to make the reader laugh, cry, raise an eyebrow, shrug off, feel inspired, internalize, reject with disdain, chortle in agreement, and all the other things one does when viewing art — even more so after fine curation by the likes of Lena Dunham, Kirsten Dunst, Rodarte’s Kate and Laura Mulleavy, and Catherine Opie.

Here’s what Miranda has to say about We Think Alone: “I’m always trying to get my friends to forward me emails they’ve sent to other people — to their mom, their boyfriend, their agent — the more mundane the better. How they comport themselves in email is so intimate, almost obscene — a glimpse of them from their own point of view. WE THINK ALONE has given me the excuse to read my friends’ emails and the emails of some people I wish I was friends with and for better or worse it’s changed the way I see all of them…Email itself is changing, none of us use it exactly the same way we did ten years ago; in another ten years we might not use it at all.”

Who needs the NSA when you have Miranda July?

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