Julius Men’s

Tatsuro Horikawa, the designer of Julius, is no stranger to black. But for spring 2014, not only did the Japanese designer present plenty of gothic black, he also offered up a splash of optimism in the form of white, applied with a deft hand throughout.

Horikawa kept to his industrial aesthetic, churning out an array of distressed and rugged separates. There was a level of refinement to the jackets, as the cowl-neck collars and figure-hugging silhouettes clung to the models’ frames. However, true to form, the collection appeared meticulously disheveled, eradicating any preppy air the tailored tops deigned to have. And for the goth-on-the-go, the designer also included some box-shaped jackets, which were stylishly paired with skinny trousers.

Probably the most surprising aspect of the collection was the geometric print that began midway. The blocky design, which was almost acid-washed in nature, appeared on everything from baggy harem-esque shorts to tailored jackets. It was about as whimsical as Julius could get. The runway presentation wrapped up right in the customer’s comfort zone with distressed leather jackets and voluminous overcoats.

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