Recent LGBT Wins to Celebrate Even if SCOTUS Fails Us

The US Supreme Court said they’d hand down their decisions on DOMA and Prop 8 in June, before they adjourned for the summer. Court insiders thought last week would be the week, now it looks like it’ll be this week. And while it’s tempting to think they’ll strike down DOMA (pretty likely) and Prop 8 (also likely, although they might restrict it to California only), there’s no guarantee of anything. Here are recent events to be happy about even if, god forbid, SCOTUS fails the country on both counts…

— Just weeks ago, France allowed mariage equality and conducted its first same-sex marriage, with much fanfare. The Catholic country became the 14th nation worldwide to do so.

— Basketball player Jason Collins made history in April when he became the first American male pro-sport athlete to come out. Then he marched in the Boston Pride Parade last week, alongside his former Stanford University roommate, Congressman Joe Kennedy.

— The largest “gay conversion” ministry, Exodus, ceased operations and issued an apology to the LGBT community, after decades of psychologically harming gay people with therapy proven not to work.

— In April, Eric Fanning became the highest-ranking proudly out gay member of the Department of Defense when he was appointed the civilian head of the Air Force.

— House representatives are sponsoring a bill to retroactively correct the records of gay and lesbian service members dishonorably discharged solely on the basis of their sexual orientation. With an honorable discharge, 114,000 men and women will be able to vote, collect veterans benefits, and participate in the GI Bill.

— The Disney Channel will feature its first gay couple next year, during the final season of Good Luck Charlie, when an episode will feature two loving moms. It’s Disney, so this is a big deal.

— A little while ago in Kentucky, across the street from the heinous Westboro Baptist Church (the people who picket military funerals with signs that say God Hates Fags), the rainbow-painted Equality House was set up. On the fron porch this week, Kimberly Caldwell and Katie Short married each other.

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