Marc Quinn Photographs Lara Stone Naked on a Bed of Raw Meat

There hasn’t been a lot of overlap between fashion and art at the Venice Biennale so far. Unless you count the recreation of a famous 1969 exhibition, held in Prada Fondazione’s Ca’ Corner della Regina space, or Tara Subkoff’s brainstorm of putting Milla Jovovich — fresh from killing it on the Cannes red carpet — in a glass box for several hours, thrashing around a pile of cardboard boxes.

So a naked Lara Stone may be as good as it gets. The pre-Kate Upton “curvy” model gave birth to her son with husband David Walliams almost a month ago, but Marc Quinn is celebrating the celebrity pregnancy all over again. Before her delivery, the British artist photographed her full-fontal, Venus-style, with a very enlarged baby bump. From carnal desire to a carnal backdrop, she’s depicted on a bed of raw meat. One doesn’t know where to look first: the belly, the boobs, the beef, or the bits of bling she has on.

No stranger to supermodel flesh, Marc Quinn is also the man who created a solid-gold statue of a yoga-posing Kate Moss in August 2008, said to be the world’s largest gold statue since the time of Ancient Egypt.

This comes a week after it was announced that a nude pregnant sculpture of Kim Kardashian, by Daniel Edwards, would go in display at LAB ART Gallery in LA on June 5. A satirical nod to celebrity worship, the statue joins the artist’s other baby-related sculptures, including a depiction of a nude Britney Spears giving birth on a bearskin rug. The nude Kardashian sculpture, L.A. Fertility, is life-size and full-figured, with gallery-goers encouraged to rub her tumescent belly for good luck. 

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