Muse You Can Use: Kate Moss Poses for Artist Chris Levine

Kate Moss doesn’t just inspire designers; she inspires artists. She’s been painted by Lucian Freud and sculpted in gold by Marc Quinn. She’s even caught the attention of graffiti artists Banksy and Mr. Brainwash.

Now the man who created a hologram of Queen Elizabeth, Chris Levine, has teamed with makeup artist extraordinaire (and friend of Kate) Charlotte Tilbury to further immortalize the supe, rendering her as a “holographic stereogram,” a kind of light installation. “Kate has been an ambition of mine for some time,” Levine told the Telegraph. “I always felt she was someone who somehow transcended fame and for whatever reason her spirit was resonant in contemporary pop culture. It’s that spirit I wanted to express, to radiate.” 

The large-scale portrait was unveiled today in Levine’s first solo show, Light 3.142, at the Fine Art Society Contemporary, where it will remain on view through June 17, after which it will go up at Selfridges for one week. 

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