Vivienne Westwood Brings Back (Her Own) Punk

An idea so good it had to have occurred before, Vivienne Westwood has released Chaos, a limited-edition collection of slogan T-shirts based on her punk originals of the 70s. These were the ultimate DIY tees, essentially two jersey-cotton rectangles stitched together and emblazoned with any of a range of middle-finger sentiments.

The “Tits” and “Cowboy” prints harken back to Westwood and Malcolm McLaren’s Kings Road shop, SEX, while the Chaos print comes from the fall ’08 Gold Label collection and the Do it Yourself graphic hails from the spring ’09 collection. That show communicated the perils of climate change, a cause Westwood continues to champion, as seen in the Climate Revolution tee from her recent spring ’13 collection.

The new Chaos collection also pulls from Vivienne Westwood’s jewelry and accessories archives. The penis-shaped safety pin from 1993 has been reissued, featuring the face of Queen Elizabeth with a safety pin (turned penis) through her mouth. The Seditionaries boots, based on the original boots Westwood made in the seventies that were worn by the Sex Pistols, have also been recreated.

Where were these when Gwyneth Paltrow went to the Met Gala?

Available at Vivienne Westwood in London (Worlds End), 430 Kings Road, and online.

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