“Real Punks” Doth Protest the Met

You knew this woud happen, right? On Friday, a group of self-proclaimed “real punks,” led by Gerry (no pun intended) Visco—a 58-year-old writer, photographer, and, according to her Facebook, “Head Bitch In Charge at Columbia University Department of Classics” — assembled outside the Met to protest what they deemed a good idea for an exhibit, but which they thought didn’t go far enough. Because nothing says punk like qualifying your anger.

“We’re not mad, we’re disappointed,” said Visco. “We like the fact that they’re doing this show but it’s not as authentic as it could have been…They did not fulfill the concept of punk.” Among those unfulfilled concepts, apparently, was the selection of pieces to include, which she dismisses as “designed for a housewife who might want to look pretty and put on some fishnets.”

Visco decided to organize the so-called protest upon seeing photos prior to the show. She says the group will return once a week for the duration. Anarchy on the Upper East Side!

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