An Amy Winehouse Exhibit Will Portray a Good Jewish Girl

For the first time, an exhibit will soon be staged in honor of the late Amy Winehouse—and it’s in the last place you might expect. While Isabella Blow‘s posthumous exhibit will open in the gallery space Somerset House in London, the beehived chanteuse will have memorabilia from her life and career exhibited at the Jewish Museum, also in London. 

In the year she would have turned 30, “Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait” will focus on Winehouse’s family life, Jewish heritage and trademark style. On display will be previously unseen photographs and personal effects, including her guitar, record collection and Grammy Award, as well as many items from her wardrobe.

Although nearly all Winehouse-related projects since her untimely demise have been met with hostility from the family, in particular her father, this exhibit has been given its blessing. In fact her brother Alex Winehouse, creative director of the Amy Winehouse Foundation, and his wife Riva are co-curators. “Amy was close to her family and had a strong sense of her Jewish roots and heritage,” says the Jewish Museum’s website. “The exhibition will show many unseen photographs of Amy’s family life – Friday night dinners, Alex’s Barmitzvah and vintage photographs of their beloved grandmother Cynthia.”

Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait, July 3 – September 15, 2013, Jewish Museum, Camden, London

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