Met Ball Countdown!

It’s less than two weeks until the Met Ball, when the entire world—specifically, the worlds of fashion, celebrity, and media—will be choking on glamour. The stuff is guaranteed to drip from every red-carpet arrival, every gown, every step of the imposing entrance to the Met Museum. News bits have been rolling in fast and furious, collected here in our Met Ball countdown…

April 25
– With 12 days to go, today we learned that the red carpet portion of the Met Ball will again be live-streamed. However, hosting alongside Vogue’s William Norwich is model Hilary Rhoda, who takes over for last year’s Elettra Wiedemann.
– More scandalously, we also learned from the tabloids that Anna Wintour has scrapped a planned 40-foot styrofoam sculpture of a nude Vivienne Westwood that would have greeted guests. The supposition is that the two ladies don’t get along—and it’s true that Anna Wintour has never graced the front row of a Westwood show.

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