Happy 50th, Marc Jacobs!

It’s hard to believe you’re the big 5-0. Hard, too, to believe it’s been 35 years since you worked as a stockboy at Charivari, 28 years since you graduated from Parsons, 27 years since your first collection, 21 years since your infamous grunge collection for Perry Ellis, 16 years since you started at Louis Vuitton, and a handful of years since you smashed the rentboy-as-boyfriend barrier. How time flies.

We’d say you haven’t changed a bit, but the truth is you’ve changed a lot! Goodbye geeky, nebbishy, chubby Marc Jacobs of the 90s; hello ripped, tattooed, skort-wearing Marc Jacobs of right now. It’s the new-and-himproved you. At this rate, you’ll be a teenager all over again in your 60s. If anyone can stay forever young, it’s you.

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