We don’t even know where to begin describing the video for Midnight Juggernauts’ latest track, Ballad of the War Machine, so we won’t—except to say it’s a little like Borat meets Queen. Instead we’ll show you the video, then quote the band…

“We actually leaked different versions of this video out there over the last couple of weeks, but the videos were untitled and with no association to Midnight Juggernauts. For some reason we liked the idea of being an anonymous soviet art-pop band from decades ago, so we shot a video with this premise on the streets of Russia. Then we made it look like the clip was presented within an old Russian music program from 30 years ago.

Then some Russian friends spread them around various sites/blogs/discussion boards. We’ve been watching the response to the secret video on these sites over the last few weeks. Which has been interesting and amusing.

Most non-Russians think that it must be some bizarre soviet-pop band rediscovered from behind the iron curtain. Some people thought it was Space. Someone else pondered it’s comment using religious iconography within a communist context. someone said it was meaningless eye candy and not as good as I am the Walrus. Russians generally thought it’s too weird that they’d be singing in English so must be some foreign band touring at the time. Some kid on a gaming site said we dance like drunk morons.

Has been fun releasing it this way. I guess we’ve always been into Russia plus we’d been watching lots of Tarkovsky films while making the album.”

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