A Store Is Born: Poler Outdoor Stuff

Living up to its name, Poler Outdoor Stuff makes pretty great outdoor stuff intended for nature freaks and couch potatoes alike, as anyone who watches Girls will know (Lena’s Dunham’s Hannah had on a Poler wearable sleeping bag, the “Napsack,” in one episode). Their backpacks, tees, tents, jackets, and beanies—not to mention sporting gear for skaters and snowboarders—have a nice demure, aw-shucks quality about them that makes Portland the ideal spot for their first store. Situated near the Ace Hotel and Stumpton Coffee, the shack of a shop carries a range of their own merch, in addition to a collaboration with a “friendly brand” each month, the first of which is BAGGU bags. So go ahead and make all the Portlandia jokes you want because nothing is more ironically hilarious than saying your new Napsack is “by Poler.”

Poler Outdoor Stuff, 1300 SW Burnside, Portland

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