Finally, an Eau de Parfum that Lets You Smell Like a Squatter

Not only is Dreckig Bleiben (“stay dirty” in English) the preferred greeting among punks and squatters in Hamburg. It’s also the name of a new anti-scent, a collaboration between Stefanie Mayr and Daniel Plettenberg of the fragrance house PMP and the perfumer Max Buxton. Collectively, they asked themselves: “How can the smell of smoke and campfire that is so typical of squatted houses and a punk lifestyle be made into a perfume that is very wearable and not reeky?”

If the concept behind the eau de parfum, limited to 999 bottles, sounds like it could have been drummed up by the masterminds at Comme des Garçons, it might be because Max Buxton has olfactory experience at the Japanese-French label, as well as Le Labo, Givenchy, Cartier, and Burberry. Which makes listing its actual notes seem mundane and trite, but here goes: bergamot from Calabria, neroli oil from Tunisia, Sicilian mandarin, Chinese ginger, cistus oil, gurjum oil, and balson tree oil, in addition to base notes of cedarwood, oil of the guaiacum tree, sandalwood, and vanilla.

And just in case you’re still not sure it’s an art project, the top of the flacon is handmade from centuries-old timber repurposed from wood-framed houses.

€120/£100 at Dreckig Bleiben (soon) and Elternhaus (Marktstraße 29, Hamburg, Germany)

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