Louis Vuitton

We couldn’t have had a better spot at the incredible Louis Vuitton show today, facing curved walls that mimicked long corridors, with numbered doors and fabulous wallpaper. This was the Louis Vuitton hotel, and we eagerly awaited the delectable guests and the trouble they’d get into.

Piano music set the tone, with the haunting but romantic strains of Alexandre Desplat’s Tree of Life soundtrack, and the doors started to open. Each door was left open until the girls made their way around, giving us enough time to absorb the beautiful LV trunks in their rooms, with carefully orchestrated video projections of domestic hotel scenes.


p class=”p1″>All the girls wore the same black flapper-style wig, and the look was haute Hitchcock glamour, with a dash of Desperate Housewives. The clothes looked like they had been slipped into for the purpose of seduction, and it was unclear whether our girls were coming home or going out. The truth emerged that the real party was in their rooms, as they paraded about in lingerie numbers paired with subverted men’s coats, some sprouting marabou, others encrusted with crystals that crept up from the base. A jacket was worn with nothing but high heels and knickerbockers, and negligee maxi-dresses clung to braless bodies as our heroines flitted between each other’s rooms.

It was a beautiful presentation, with flawless execution, and we were entirely submersed in Marc Jacobs’ world, full of exotic, glamorous vamps. We wanted to have a hotel slumber party! Of course Jacobs had the final laugh, emerging at the end in boldly patterned silk pyjamas, the only man in a hotel full of beautifully dressed women. Although apparently he only had eyes for his old friend who walked the show, Kate Moss, judging by their après-show bisou. 

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