Inevitable: Brad’s Pits

While it’s unclear what a drug-induced coma fit for an elephant has to do with style prognostication, K-Hole has to be the best name for a trend forecasting report ever. The more you know, the more numb you feel.

K-Hole’s founders have also created deodorants, Brad and You, created jointly with the New York fashion label Eckhaus Latta. Apparently it’s the result of a conversation between them regarding anxiety. Both made upstate somewhere, Brad whiffs of Old Spice, while You is composed, they say, of “dirt, counterfeit Chanel No. 5, vetiver, rose, Marlboro Lights, pepper, smoked barley, saliva, and lanolin.” So basically, every day on Canal Street.

Of course this is likely one great big joke, an abstract Brad Pitt parody, but at least now you know about K-Hole.

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