Well-Wishers Come Out of the Woodwork for John Galliano

Ever since it was announced last week that John Galliano would spend three weeks in Oscar de la Renta’s atelier, there’s been a sudden groundswell of well-wishers. It makes one wonder where they were when the chiffon hit the fan almost two years ago, following his anti-Semitic outburst in a Paris cafe. A quick series of events saw Galliano shunned by virtually everyone (even Natalie Portman publicly disavowed him), fired from Dior as well as his own label, and stripped of his Chevalier of the Legion of Honor.

The latest to join the chorus of support, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are quoted on their Swide website as saying, “We wish John the best of luck with his return to fashion. We’ve always been admirers of his flamboyant talent. He has been missed from the fashion scene these two years and we can’t wait to see the collection with Oscar de la Renta.”

It’s still unclear what role Galliano will have at de la Renta’s New York studio (co-designer? collaborator?). The Dominican designer has been vague on the subject, saying only that he believes in second chances and wants to help Galliano “reimmerse himself in the world of fashion.” Presumably Galliano’s influence will be seen in the house’s fall collection, as the three weeks overlap with New York Fashion Week.

Still, it’s hard to imagine what anyone expects him to get done in three weeks. Although, since there isn’t much of a cafe culture in the U.S., he’s already off to a good start. Also, it’s pretty clear Anna Wintour has been spearheading the comeback, and you pretty much can’t lose with that kind of campaign power behind you, as we saw with her Obama reelection efforts.

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