Viktor & Rolf Men’s

The Dutch designers have always shown a knack for experimental tailoring, and while their fall men’s offering remained loyal to the cause, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren have begun to expand their creative source material. This time around, inspiration came by way of zany Dutch artist Piet Parra, whose playful illustrations adorned shirts, bags and even an entire suit.

To the pulsating thud of an electro soundtrack in a grand salon of the Natural History Museum in Paris, recalling school-age field trips, out poured an impressive medley of quilted satin, double-layered outerwear, slim silhouettes, nerd-like glasses, and suits printed head to toe in those whimsical drawings.

Much of the outerwear was trimmed in fur, particularly hoods and collars, with barely a trace to the designers’ well-known penchant for bombastic fur. This was by no means a reinvention, yet retained enough quirky sartorial twists to keep a new generation of fans interested.

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