Kris Van Assche Men’s

The casual touches of Kris Van Assche’s fall collection had a decidedly athletic feel—and the message seemed to be one of teamwork.

The play-by-play highlights: The middle section of crisp men’s suit jackets were inset with softer sweatshirt panels emblazoned with university-like insignias. Collared shirts were also sectioned off with classic sweatshirt sleeves and hems. Not to be left out were hoodie suit jackets and cable-knit sweaters finished off with button-down shirt details. Even some of the suit pants had shirred waists and hems found on a tracksuit. It was the right combination of relaxed and haute, proving that yes, you can have the best of both worlds.

The poster-size invitation proclaimed “Choose Life” in sliced and jagged letters—perhaps a reference to the ’80s T-shirt craze ignited by the designer Katharine Hamnett, but more likely an entreaty from Van Assche to chill out.

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