Jean Paul Gaultier Men’s

The atmosphere at the Jean Paul Gaultier presentation reminded us of misspent late nights in the Marais at the neon shower-filled Raidd Bar. Six plastic sheeted booths, outlined in neon lights faced the audience, while we were fed and offered drinks in anticipation. The DJ played a back-to-back 80’s electro infused sleaze set while the boys started to emerge. They played in and out of the lights, stripping for all to see, stopping short of removing full-body underwear. Gaultier knows sex appeal and the show oozed it, heating the icy cold Parisian weather to boiling point.

Layering was heavy in the collection, all the better for a striptease, playing with volumes and the proportions of the male body. Boleros were cut so high as to resemble sleeves, and shirts were cropped just below the chest, revealing the occasional familiar Breton underneath. The tailoring was masterful as ever, and the beloved Gaultier stripe was turned on its head, as heavy pinstripes. Alas, no lap dances here, but lusty just the same.

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