La Cage aux Lily Cole

There are some things English tabloids do very well. Speculating about a homegrown supermodel and a rich, enterprising American is one of them. The Daily Mail is slavering over pictures of Lily Cole and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey getting chummy on a yacht—she even rubbed lotion on his back!—in St. Barth’s over New Year’s. They were joined by Hollywood tycoon Brian Grazer and music producer extraordinaire Rick Rubin.

As documented so studiously by the paper, the kewpie-faced covergirl and former British Model of the Year also found time for ocean dips, paddle-boarding, and meditating on a floating trampoline. Naturally, she took to Twitter to share her excitement, presumably referring to Dorsey in this tweet.

You knew the day was nigh when tech nerds rule the earth.

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