The Reality Show Makes Its Beauty Mark

Beauty is in the eye of the make-up artist. Or at least that’s the takeaway from the new and fourth issue of The Reality Show, launched last night in New York. More than a magazine, the luxurious, fold-out format focuses on the art of beauty, bringing together new faces and seasoned make-up artists—Linda Mason, Dick Page, Frank B., Fredrik Stambro, Fulvia Farolfi—to create striking, graphic images. Rounding out the issue,’s Tim Blanks livens up the introduction by describing his glam-punk days emulating early David Bowie and his face full of paint, while music stylist Michel Gaubert created the soundtrack for the new iPad app, also striking and graphic.

When asked about the lighter moments in the making of the issue, editor Tiffany Godoy recalls, “Dick Page reciting lines for his theatrical debut the next night, and bringing along home baked cornbread. And Linda Mason turning the make-up room into a painting atelier. The models had no idea what they were in for! But after the first strokes, they really got into the face-painting and extreme make-up. And just talking about the early days of Linda’s career—such a powerhouse and so gracious.”

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