Louis Vuitton’s Latest City Guides

Don’t know where Yekaterinburg is or what to do there if you ever find yourself in Russia’s fourth-largest city, known—if at all—as the site where the last czars were executed? Don’t sweat it. Louis Vuitton is back with its trunk-full of City Guides, as if there were any stones left unturned before. Something has to go in monogrammed trunks, right?

Louis Vuitton’s City Guides have been fanatically collected and followed since they debuted in 1998, and this year the bar is inched even higher. San Francisco, not one to be put in a corner, makes its first appearance as its own guide, while Paris, New York and Tokyo have been entirely revisited. As for Yekaterinburg, it’s one of four European destinations that have been added, along with Kitzbühel, Lugano and Verona, which, in case you didn’t know, are in Austria, Switzerland, and Italy, respectively.

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